Nursing Theory And The Nursing Profession Essay

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Nursing theory is not a simple term to define; it is essentially the works of many medical professionals attempting to frame the expectation of nursing. There are many nursing theorist that make up the definition of nursing. In addition to the many theorists, there are even more nursing theories, each having their own unique impact on the nursing profession. From nursing school to working in the profession, to educating, Ernestine Wiedenbach has an abundance of experience and knowledge to support her theory and contribution to nursing as a whole. Ernestine Wiedenbach was born in Hamburg, Germany in the year 1900. She traveled with her family to the United States at the age of nine to New York. After achieving her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College in 1922, she attended the John Hopkins School of Nursing that resulted in her Registered Nurse’s license in 1925. She furthered her education with a Masters of Arts from Teachers College, Columbia University, granted in 1934. Twelve years later, she received a certificate in nurse-midwifery from the Maternity Center Association School for Nurse-Midwives located in New York. Wiedenbach taught there until she began instruction at Yale University in maternity nursing, transitioning to obstetric nursing in 1954 as an assistant professor. She became the director of the major in maternal and newborn health nursing as well as an associate professor after a master’s degree program had been established at the Yale…

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