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Honors Language Arts
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January 8, 2013
The Giver

How powerful is love in any relationship? Without love in a relationship, the relationship is invalid. In the novel “The Giver” written by Lois Lowry, Jonas life was first surrounded by a no love and unemotional society. Throughout the story Jonas gains knowledge of those feelings that were once always secluded.
One of my first examples, Jonas’ parents weren’t in a love filled relationship. In order to receive each other as a spouse, they had to fill out an application. The elders in the community chose them for each other by using their own wisdom of individuals’ compatibility. Needless to say, Jonas’ father and mother didn’t make the decision to be together, they were
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Gabe was being released because of his sleeping issues. During the release ceremony a nurturer will inject syringe into the child’s forehead, which eventually kills the child.
Jonas and The Giver’s relationship was filled with love. They were required to spend as much time together as they could. They had to spend as much time as they could because Jonas was selected to be the “Receiver of Memory”. The Giver was the current receiver; he was required to pass memories that happened in their community’s past down to Jonas. Using the memories, they were able to connect in a more intellectual way. It caused them to bond with each other. Since Jonas knew that only The Giver really understood him, which made him look up to him. Eventually, he began to love him. In chapter 15, Jonas walks into the Annex room and sees The Giver suffering from something which made him feel so bad that he offered to help take some of the pain away from The Giver.
One of the main messages or lessons given by the author was “without love in a relationship, the relationship is invalid”. Jonas’ parents had a relationship containing no love which made them lack understanding of each other. Jonas’ relationship with his father also lacked love which made them lack understanding too. On the other hand, Jonas’ relationship with The Giver contained love which made them have a mutual and intellectual understanding of each other

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