Nursing Theories Of Nursing Practice Essay

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Nursing theory is an organized framework of concepts and purposes envisioned to guide the nursing practice. Nursing theories are imperative in nursing as they guide the practice, explain and describe nursing care and provide foundation for the clinical decision making. Nursing theory first developed in 1800s when there was a strong emphasis on nursing education took place. Florence nightingale is considered as the first nursing theorist. Her environment theory changed the concept of nursing practice. Nursing theories developed through different stages and nursing is currently in the integrated knowledge stage, where research based evidences are applied in practice. Nursing theories are numerous and can be classified into various types based on scope, source, level and type or purpose. The common classification based on the levels are grand theories, which is applied in a broad scale, middle range theories, applicable to smaller subset of situation and nursing practice theories, which guide the nursing practice. Patricia Benner 's novice to expert is a well-known middle range theory commonly used in nursing practice. According to Benner, an expert nurse gains the nursing skills through experience. Benner 's nursing theory gave a new explanation on expert nursing and guide the nurses in their professional growth. The purpose of this paper is to provide an explanation of nursing theory and its importance in the nursing practice. It also elucidates the summary of Patricia…

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