Nursing Theories And Theories Of The Nursing Practice Essay

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Theory is central to effective nursing practice and research. Nursing theory offers a framework for thought in which nurses examine situations. This framework supplies structure and organization to nursing knowledge and provides a methodical means of collecting data to interpret, explain, and predict nursing practice (McEwen & Willis, 2014, p. 36). Nursing theory is crucial for the evolution of the nursing discipline. The knowledge that is developed through nursing research is used to test existing theories and to generate new theories and ideas. The practice of nursing is based on theories that are validated through research in nursing. Nursing theories can be classified into three different categories based on range in complexity and scope on a continuum. This paper will examine Grand Nursing Theories, Middle Range Theories, and Practice Theories and the differences between them. Grand Nursing Theories are considered the most abstract, Practice Nursing Theories are the least abstract, and Middle-Range Nursing Theories are in between Grand Theories and Practice Theories.
Grand theories, also known as macrotheories, have the broadest scope and provide an overall framework for structuring ideas. These theories present general concepts and propositions. Grand theories deal with nonspecific and relatively nonconcrete concepts that lack operational definitions. Similar to a conceptual model, they describe a certain viewpoint that is pertinent across many different fields within…

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