Nursing Theories And Concepts Of Human Being, Health, Nursing, And Environment

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Many times, theories cannot be fully applied to practice because they do not observe every single variable that may happen in the real world. However, nursing theories play an important role in developing the body of knowledge needed for practice (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p. 114). After exploring the nursing theory developed by Betty Neuman, I have summarized its most important concepts and identified how it incorporates the concepts of human being, health, nursing, and environment. In addition, I have explained the important role that nurses play in this theory, given an example of this theory’s application, and critiqued its conceptual framework. Finally, I have argued the importance of several nursing models to improve nursing practice and knowledge development.
Betty Neuman developed the Neuman Systems Model to address the learning needs of her students, thus she based her model in several theories which include Gestalt theory and Caplan’s conceptual model (Blais & Hayes, 2011, p. 104). According to Blais and Hayes (2011), the focus of this theory is the relation between the environmental stressors, the equilibrium or wellness of human beings and their reaction to these stressors (p. 104). Also, in her theory, Neuman observed the possible nursing interventions that would enhance the maintenance or recovery of client’s wellness.
Furthermore, Neuman’s theory addresses the four concepts of nursing which are human being, health, environment, and nursing. In her theory, the human…

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