Nursing Standards And The Delivery Of Skilled Professional Care

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Nursing standards are expectations that contribute to public protections. Ethics is essential to the delivery of skilled professional care. To apply ethics effectively, nurses must develop reasoning skills and understand the concepts and principles that assist ethical analysis. (Chaloner, C. 2007). It is vital that nurses appreciate the value of ethics in their work.
Ethics as a component of continuing education
Ethical behavior is an essential component of professional practice. Nursing has become increasingly aware of the need to prepare its nurses for making the ethical judgement require by everyday practice. Research has been undertaken on factors which influences nurse’s abilities to reach ethical conclusions (Cragg, Catherine E, 1988). While younger nurses have been exposed to ethics in their undergraduate programs and most graduated nurses now are working before learning everything about ethics. It is hardly surprising that nurses with little exposure to formal thinking in resolving ethical dilemmas have had to rely on their own resources. Even those students who have been exposed to ethics, may have trouble applying what they learned in practice, it is one thing to analyze cases in the classroom, and have the responsibility to resolve an ethical dilemma in a real life situation.
Nurses like other professionals, need to learn skills in dealing with dilemma, being able to identify moral aspects of practice, understand decision making procedures, applying concepts and…

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