Nursing Shortage, Not A New Problem Essay

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Nursing Shortage, Not A New Problem In Healthcare Nursing shortage has been a topic of discussion among health care for many years. It is a problem that is not new and it is important to find out why there is such a big shortage and a potential solution for solving this dilemma. In this paper the topics of historical aspects of nursing shortage, what is causing the shortage, how nursing shortage will and is affecting nursing, which area of nursing is actually affected by the shortage, and how nursing shortage now is affecting the future of the nursing career, will be discussed. Patient care and safety is top priority in nursing and that priority may be affected by the shortage of nursing staff.
Nursing Shortage, How It Currently Affects Nursing and The Future Of Nursing Nursing shortage affects the practice of current nurses and it will affect the future of nursing. Currently, due to the decreased staffing of nurses, high turnover of nurses and retirement, it is problematic for current active nurses to sustain good quality patient care to their patients (Cox, Willis & Coustasse, 2014). According to The Bureau of Labor and Statistics, it is expected to have the need for Registered Nurses to increase twenty-six percent by the year of 2020 (Cox, Willis & Coustasse, 2014). Other experts predict that the United States will be short more than one million Registered Nurses by the year 2020 (Dolan, 2011). The rise of needs can affects many aspects of nursing, such as providing…

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