Nursing Shortage And Nurses Turnover Essay

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Nursing Shortage and Nurses Turnover
Deimys D Vigil
NRS 451V
Nursing Shortage and Nurses Turnover
Nursing shortage is an ongoing issue which seems to be affecting every medical facility. However, it has been an issue for many years, and although we continue to hear “it is getting better” from many sources, there is still a huge problem in this field and continues to be one. Nurses are often found in hard situations such as having to work long hours under conditions that cause stress and can also lead to fatigue, work injuries and eventually job dissatisfaction (Nursing Shortage, n.d.) Nursing leaders and managers are expected to act at times and help their nurses throughout the transition of hiring new nurses and retaining the former ones.
How Nursing Leaders Can Help
Nursing leaders are not considered those in management positions per say. However, they can be at times. Depending on the job and their positions they can sometimes just be floor nurses and help their managers. Nurse leaders can encourage nurses to continue to love their job and remind them everyday what they are there for. A nurse leader normally would possess great people’s skills and commination skills therefore, facilitating nurses with the ability to express their work frustrations and “just hear them out” From personal experience, nurse leaders often hold meetings and talk about monthly statistics within the medical facility, areas to improve in, the successes of the month and what is still expected from…

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