Nursing Services And The Health Care Industry Essay

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Nursing Services is highly important to the health care industry in today’s society for the care of every individual patient whether they are admitted to the hospital, nursing home, behavioral center or recovery center. Nurses obtain valuable and knowledgable skills throughout their careers. There are many different types of nurses such as a nurse practionier, surgical nurse, registered nurse, or licensed practional nurse. All nurses play similar roles as in treating and taking care of patients, as well as, control the quality of care by economical factors. A nurse practioner is the highest level of being a nurse in which their work is similar to that of a medical doctor. They can prescribe perscriptions and diagnois on a smaller scale than a licensed doctor. Surgical nurses are located mainly in the operating room for assisstance of surgies and procedures. Registered nurses administer IV’s to patients and monitor vital signs of patients, similar to a licensed practional nurse. There are also nursing assistants who assist registered nurses and licencsed nurses in their services. There will always be a high demand for nurses with the growing medical field. The high demand also causes nurse turnover rates, quality of care, and barriers for cultural patient aspects. According to the AARP Journal, to remove barriers to practice better long tern and short term care will bring better overall better delivered care by nurses (Reinhard, S., & Hassmiller, S., 2012). “A 2010…

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