Nursing Rn to Bsn Essay

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Danilo Pacris Espiritu
Week 4- Assignment 1- Journal Entry Coming to an end towards week 4, I cannot believe that we are halfway through the term. I believe this week was all about looking back to the first week and reflecting on how we all came a long way and grown together as a class. Even as an online class where we don’t see each other face to face, I have learned so much from my other classmates through discussion boards when reading their posts as well as the feedback they provide me. With two weeks left for this term, I am still open to learning more from my classmates as well as the benefits of technology. In answering the discussion assignment this week about specific technology equipment that we could not live without, I
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Growing up, I always struggled with writing essays in high school as well as my freshman year in college. I felt that I was a lot stronger with math because I got good grades with algebra all the way up to calculus. So I first started with the English quiz which involved topics on main ideas, thesis statements, topic sentences, essays, and reading comprehension. As I was working on the quiz, it brought me back to all the material I learned during my freshman year taking English Comp’s 1 and 2. I scored an average score, and right after I finished the English quiz I went straight to the math quiz without hesitation. I felt that it was going to be really easy for me because I was under the impression that it was just going to be basic algebra, ratio/proportions, and integers. However, I was in for a big surprise when the first problem I encountered involved elementary math which I totally forgot in terms of the strategy in solving the problem. I had to take out scrap paper as well as my calculator to decipher these problems which I totally forgot how to do over the years. There were some problems I was able to recall and had no difficulty answering them. The other problems such as radicals, absolute values, and graphing integers were the ones I really struggled with. I spent a long time trying to finish the quiz and at the end I had a low score. I was more surprised and laughed at the fact that this whole

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