Nursing Research Essay

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Nursing Research

Nursing is often incorrectly regarded as a subset of the medical profession; in reality, the profession of Nursing is a unique, distinct science with its own knowledge base and skillset. In accordance with the requirements of a scientific profession, there is a need for scholarly inquiry and nursing research in order to maintain autonomy and distinction of the Nursing perspective separate from other disciplines. An editorial published in the Journal of Nursing Scholarship noted that “the distinguishing feature of a profession is how its practitioners use knowledge to make a difference” (Hegyvary, 2007). The evidence generated by Nursing scholars influences global health initiatives and policy worldwide. The need for
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Nursing, therefore, has a vested interest in protecting its status as an independent, autonomous profession with a separate base of knowledge that is both integrative of medical knowledge yet also distinct and specialized. Nursing must continue to separate itself in the eye of society as having separate and important contributions to healthcare in order to continue to enjoy position as an independent profession. Evidence based Nursing Interventions and best practices are, therefore, essential to the ability of proving that Nursing is, in fact, a distinct and separate profession not subject to control by the Medical Board. Nursing research differs from medical research in the sense that not only does it focus on health promotion, restoration, and rehabilitation, but also stresses the inclusion of caring and comfort (AACN, 2006), caring being central to the Nursing profession.

One must also consider the major contribution Nursing’s body of knowledge contributes to the global healthcare community. The research performed by nurse scientists directly translates into evidence based best practices which, in turn, influence international standards of care, education of nurses, administration, and global health policy. As asserted by Hegyvary, “today’s nuses and nursing scholars are present at the creation of this worldwide change” (2007), regarding the important role of Nursing scholarship in the globalization of Nursing knowledge and

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