Nursing Research in Developmental Disabilities Essays

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Nursing Research in Developmental Disabilities
Nurses are a vital part of a healthcare team, and research plays a very prominent role in all areas of nursing. Nurse’s area of practice takes place in an environment of continuing advances in research and technology, which changes nursing care requirements. As I learned from my supervisors, when I started to work at United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), Developmental Disabilities is a source of pain and bewilderment to many families. As a nurse that works with the Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities Population, researches have helped these populations lead a close to normal life.
Nursing Research Affecting my Practice As a new nurse, I depend on research to help me in my practice.
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Three of my consumers were in Willowbrook and is now leading a close to normal life. Researches have helped me in my practice with these individuals with developmental disabilities. Sheerin (2008) stated nurses have a role in advocating on behalf of their clients (p. 141). As a nurse working with this population, my primary responsibility is an advocate. I need to advocate for their medical care and their daily care. This care including training staffs on how to feed them, positioning, seating, and making sure they receive medical care. Lee (2004) claimed, when children with cerebral palsy (CP) do not develop trunk control, they have difficulties eating, speaking, moving about, and executing other activities of daily living (p. 146). As a nurse, my responsibility is to help these consumers with their ADL.
I am hoping that with the help of research, we can prevent certain disabilities before these children are born. Good research can help improve nursing practice and patient outcomes. Working with this population makes me appreciate life more and want to help these individual live a happy and healthy life. Researches have helped me become a better nurse. I hope more research can be done on nursing interventions for the developmental disabilities populations, which will improve nursing care.

Lee B. (2004). Therapeutic positioning, wheelchair seating, and

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