Nursing Process Essay

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When I think of patient, nurse, environment and health, I think of the role of being a nurse and the nursing process. My meaning of patient, nurse, environment and health is the concept or framework for the nursing profession. As nurses we must evaluate each aspect of the concept and implement them in our daily practice.
Patient: The patient is a person or an individual with feeling and emotions. The patient, a person, is a holistic being. Person is viewed as holistic being with social, cultural, personal need. During the nursing process the nurse must understand that each patient/person seeking health care have unique needs, abilities and characteristics.
Nurse: The nurse act as an advocate for patients and their families. The
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The primary concepts of the Patient-Centered Care Model support Relationship-Based Care. Relationship-Based Care is made up of three relationships: Care Partner-Patient, Care-Partner-Self, and Care Partner- Colleagues.
Patient- Centered Care Definitions
1. The Patient Centered Care Model is intended to provide a safe and caring environment and is centered on individualized patient and family needs.
2. Relationship-Based Care is the essence of care experienced when one human being connects to another.
3. Care Partners are licensed and unlicensed staff who work collaboratively and are committed to providing high quality patient centered care in a healing environment.

How has your discovery/review of NIC/NOC influenced your perception of nursing as a profession? Why? Honestly, a review of the NIC/NOC has convinced me that I need more practice in developing patient care plans!
The NIC/NOC defines the nursing practice and is significant to the nursing process. Use of a standardized nursing language for documentation of nursing care is vital to the nursing profession and to the bedside or primary nurse. With the standardized language, I can competently formulate a nursing diagnosis using data obtain from the assessment. Also, I can determine outcomes, writes an appropriate intervention my plan of care (IPOC).
I am glad that I am reviewing the NIC/NOC information. I think that a review of the NIC/NOC will help me with my diagnostic reasoning

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