Nursing Practice Of Assessment And Leadership Essay

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The Nursing Practice of Assessment and Leadership as a Registered Nurse (RN) versus a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN)
Nurses are held to high standards and are expected to act professionally and ethically while promoting wellness and providing the appropriate care needed by patients. Both the LVNs and RNs are expected to provide quality care and advocate for patients, but the roles they play and their scope of practice are very much different from each other. As an LVN, I had the belief that the RN’s scope of practice is not much different than the LVN’s; but as I begin my transition, I soon realized that this is far from the truth. By analyzing two standards of practice created for RNs; assessment and leadership, the difference between the LVN and RN scope of practice become much clearer.
Although the LVN and RN can both do assessments, the level of their assessments are not the same. The LVN’s scope of practice allows the LVN to do basic assessments and the RN is responsible for making a comprehensive and more in depth assessment. According to The Joint Nursing Practice Commission and Dumpel(2004) Assessments that require the combination of data and evaluation are not within the LVN’s scope of practice. The LVN’s scope of practice only allows them to perform basic assessments that are defined by law as data collection. (p. 16). This quote explains further that the LVNs and RNs make assessments at a different level. The RN can delegate the LVN to gather data that can be…

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