Essay on Nursing Philosophy Of A Nurse

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Many describe a nursing philosophy in various ways, however I understand it as a nurse applying their philosophy in order to explain what he or she believes nursing is. As a nurse, it is important to play a role in how he or she interacts with the patient as well as in the health care field. Before beginning nursing school, my thought of nursing has been based on providing a patient with undivided care and attention along with respect. Nursing will continue to be my choice of career because I want to provide unconditional support to all patients. There is no better feeling that to be appreciated for the care given to a patient. Watson (2005) states, “This theory/philosophy involves making explicit human caring and relationship-centered caring is a foundational ethic for healing practices; it honors the unity of the whole human being, while also attending to creating a healing environment” (p. 51). The surrounding environment of a patient is crucial because it develops a better healing process for a patient. In order to give undivided care, Watson believes that the main focus of a patient should be prevention. In other words, prevention has more importance compared to treating chronic illnesses.
My nursing philosophy would be to view all patients as equal and to not be judgmental. All patients should be treated with the same quality of care despite educational and language barriers. Nursing should be nonjudgmental and kept in mind that health care policies are rooted in the…

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