Nursing Personal Statement Sample

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Personal Statement

After high school, I plan to attend cuesta college where I will satisfy my general education requirements while playing soccer. After I accomplish this, I will go on to obtain a degree in nursing. As a CTE Medical Science student I spend a lot of time in the emergency room at Mark Twain Hospital where I assist the nurses with treating patients. It gives me a strong foundation for what I want to do with my life. I know nursing is a career I want to pursue because I get a taste of it everyday first hand. I am excited to provide people with quality care. But to give quality care, you need to have quality training which is why I have chosen to attend Cuesta. Living in San Luis Obispo is extremely pricey especially for a full time college student! But I hope to work through that to attend their outstanding nursing program. I am currently in the process of getting my phlebotomy license so I can practice phlebotomy to put myself through school. However, soccer will interfere with my ability to work more than I want to.
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It is a necessity in my life. So, although playing soccer in college will limit my availability to work and to easily support myself, I am willing to struggle to make it happen. I was on my high school varsity soccer team for four years which was a huge accomplishment for me. I also played volleyball my freshman and sophomore year. Playing these sports have taught me leadership, persistence, and humility. I have also learned commitment. To participate in all these sports I have had to give up several other events such as school field trips or family events to make it to all my practices and

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