Nursing : Nursing Leadership Practices Essay

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Nursing Leadership Practices in Healthcare Settings
A leader’s ability to influence others manifests itself in the development of workplace culture and conditions. Nursing leadership has been illustrated as necessary for guidance in complex problems within nursing care (Smith, Manfredi, Hagos, Drummond-Huth, & Moore, 2006). Professional responsibilities of registered nurses include, “demonstrating leadership in client care by promoting healthy and culturally safe practice environments” (College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta [CARNA], 2013). Yet, leadership has been conceptualized through numerous theories that leave ample room for interpretation of best leadership practices. Ultimately, the significant implications leadership has on the workforce in healthcare settings and patient health warrants exploration and implementation of best leadership practices by registered nurses in all delivery care roles.
Management and Leadership In the context of nursing, the terms “management” and “leadership” are often used interchangeably. Grossman and Valiga (2013) describe management as a position, while leadership is likened to a skill, or quality. This distinction importantly conveys that a position of power is not necessary to be a leader. Conversely, not all those in positions of power instinctively have the skills conducive of leadership. Historically, leadership was thought to be a definitive trait that was either present or not, most often in those born to power…

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