Virginia Henderson's Theory Of Nursing Research

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Nursing theory
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A nursing theory is a combination of different ideas that guides the nurses in providing better health care to their patients (Smith & Liehr, 2013 p.44). Different people have developed different theories that guide the nurses’ practice. Virginia Henderson developed the nursing need theory. The theory ideas came from her nursing experience and the nursing education she had acquired. She was a well known nurse, an author of books and a researcher. She defined nursing as those activities offered by a professional to an individual who would otherwise perform the same activities if they were in a position to. This is aimed at helping them to recover and acquire a state of well being
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The fourteen components have formed a basis in nursing research to discover how patients care can be improved. Other theorists have discovered different practices to aid with patients care based on Henderson’s theory. She believed that more research should be done on nursing practice by other different people (Bender 2016 p.35). Nurses who follow the Henderson theory of nursing has established trusting relationships with their patients giving them hope and strength of recovery. They consider the theory assumption that the mind and the body of a patient are interconnected. The nurses make sure that the patient is comfortable and stress free. This way the patient is confident of the treatment plans and takes a shorter time to heal (Bender 2016 …show more content…
First I have known who a nurse is, what is required of a nurse and how I should view a patient (Lee ,2014p.59). The basic needs of a patient are considered important. Applying the fourteen components as stated by Henderson in her need theory will help improve the patient care. It is my duty to commit myself to a patient since a nurse should serve a patient day and night and ensure they learn to support themselves once released from the hospital. Education is important in nursing practice. Hence a nurse should be ready to gain new information when an opportunity comes by (Lee

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