Nursing: My Nursing Goals And Values

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Nursing Personal Goals and Values
There are many professions in this world. As a child we always say we want to be doctors, firefighters, or even ballerinas. As a child I wanted to be a rock singer and then a writer and even at one point an art major. Like everyone else in this world we change what we want to do with our lives all the time. Many people still do not know what they want to do until their sophomore year in college or even later than that. All throughout high school almost everyone in my class knew what they wanted to do as their profession or had an idea by their junior year. Then there was me the person who kept changing their mind every week not sure what I wanted to do. All I knew is that I enjoyed doing many things and that
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One value nurses have is being are flexible they have to think quickly and adapt to changing needs of patients. This will help me reach my personal goal because of being able to adapt to new environments I am forced to take responsibility and take the pressure and make smart choices, for a person’s lives are in my hands. Another value nurses have is that they are educators. They help people learn to care for themselves such as, telling them what they can do to make their life easier, help them through the hardships of a sickness. They also educate the families telling them what might need to be done they are also a person the family should be able to trust and help be a support system for them and their loved one this relates to my goal of being an educator for people in need. The last value I am going to mention is they are energetic and committed. I want to be able for my future patients to be able to say that I was a great nurse. I want them to know that I am committed to making them feel more than just a patient. I also want to be a positive person and even though it is a hard and stressful job at the end of the day I will be happy I picked this profession. Nurses have many values that make me proud to start my education for nursing. The values that I have I stated will help me reach my personal goals of being an educator, being energetic, and being able to adapt to new …show more content…
One of the first goals is to make a difference in people’s lives. I want to be able to help people and to make them feel comfortable and safe. Being able to have that interaction with patients is important to me for many reasons. One reason is because I just do not want to make an impact on them but I want to be able to tell how much I enjoy my patients to my coworkers and my families. Another personal goal I have is stay devoted to learning. I want to still get an education in some way after graduation and nursing can help me achieve this. As a nurse I will be faced with new experiences every day and will have to learn to cope with new situation. I want to be able to learn as much as I can in a profession and I feel like nursing is a great way to help with this. Another goal I have is to build more on my work ethic. I have been working since the age of fourteen and loved it. All my coworkers would always tell me that I am such a good worker and that my communication skills are great. As a nurse I want to strengthen my work ethic. Nurses have to work long and hard hours and being faced with new situations I feel will help me accomplish a stronger work ethic. The last personal goal I have is to enjoy my job and be able to say to people that I love it and that I would never change my

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