Nursing Knowledge Helps Guide Nurses Essay

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Nursing knowledge helps guide nurses in their everyday practice. But rarely do nurses stop to think where did this knowledge come from? Actions that nurses do everyday have been handed down to them regardless if they understand the meaning behind them. The purpose of this paper is through a limited analysis-synthesis to explore key terms that have helped shape the profession of nursing. These terms were selected to help understand why nurses do what they do. Nursing was not always seen as a profession, therefore it is important to explore what a profession is and its historical context related to nursing. Turkoski (1995) states that profession is a social construct that was determined by a male worldview. In other words, only men were allowed to have professions. Overtime the concept of profession has moved beyond the gender divide and has established a set of criteria that are not gender specific. According the Mirriam-Websters dictionary a profession is, “a type of job that requires special education, training or skill and requires specialized knowledge.” By this definition, nursing is a profession since nurses obtain years of education and training, as well develop their own nursing knowledge through theory development. Ten Hoeve, Jansen and Roodpol (2013) believe that the education and development of knowledge is the reason why nursing was raised to the professional status. It is this knowledge development that has helped shaped what nursing is today, and has allowed…

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