Nursing Is The Most Rewarding Profession Essay

718 Words Oct 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Nursing, by definition is the promotion of the well being of an individual who is ill. Nursing is viewed by some as a lady who just gives shots and takes vital signs. But to millions of individuals out there who know that nurses are way much more. Nursing is the opportunity to help someone restore their health to what it once was. Nursing is going beyond their duty to make sure the patient is stable and comfortable. Nurses are the advocates and the protectors of the patient, the families and the community. Nursing is arguably the most rewarding profession there is. For a long time and even today, there have been many misconceptions about nursing. There are many things that make nursing great, if not the best profession in the health care system. What makes nursing unique is the things that most people do not know about the profession. First nursing is the largest healthcare profession with 3.1 million registered nurse. (AACN)Most people think of nurses as just being the lapdog of the physician, following them quietly and obeying their instructions without objection. In truth, nurses are independent of the doctor. Nurses are actually equal collaborators with all allied health team members. Nurses also work in a variety of places than other disciplines such as school and companies. What makes nursing unique most of all is that nurses are the men and women who are there all of the time. From the moment the patient enters a facility until the moment they leave they are under…

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