Nursing Is A Person 's Strength Essays

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Nursing is a profession that should be centered on a person’s strength, love, and a passion for wanting to care and fend for the weak. An individual in the nursing field should have overall strength in spirit, mind and heart in order to provide the best possible care to human life. I have come to realize that patients and family are in fear of the unknown. Nurses need to have a kind, compassionate approach to alleviate fears which comes in the form of dignity, respect and understanding. My goals are to obtain a higher degree in nursing in order to promote the best quality care to our growing population. Nursing was more a calling than a chosen profession in my case. I grew up in a rough area in the west side streets of San Antonio, Texas surrounded with gangs, shootings, bullies and domestic violence. I wanted to become a San Antonio police officer in order to serve my community by protecting citizens and providing a safe haven for the weak. I even attended San Antonio College’s peace officer academy and gained employment at as a security officer at Christus Santa Rosa Children’s hospital. One of my duties as a security officer was to round the hospital floors to ensure safety and met a young teen patient who made an impact in my life. I never noticed any parents by this young man’s side and his family were the staff including the children on the Cystic Fibrosis unit. This young teen made the best of his situation by disrupting the staff with pranks, loud…

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