Nursing Is A Never Ending Learning Process Essay

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Research, Roles, and Values in Nursing
Nurses perform many roles as they provide care on any given day. Nurses are educators, leaders, managers, providers of care, and members of a profession. They use the latest research and evidence-based practice to provide care to their patients. Nursing theories are also incorporated into the daily routines of nursing. A theory is “a method of perceiving reality and mapping the complex processes of human action and interaction that affect nursing care” (Houser, 2012, p. 135). Along with our values, these things provide the framework of how we take care of our patients on a day to day basis.
As a provider of care or a manager of care, we are striving every day to provide the best care possible for our patients. This means we are basing our everyday clinical decisions on nursing theories, using our critical thinking skills along with evidence-based practice, and staying up to date on the latest research available. Nursing is a never-ending learning process. Nursing research in continually changing, making available the finest quality of care. This new research provides improved outcomes and healthier patients. Our patients are entrusting their lives to us, as providers and managers, to improve their well being. We can do this by continuing our education and working together for the greater good of our patients.
Human dignity is a nursing value we must all strive to attain. A person’s sense of dignity is influenced by how they…

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