Reflection On Nursing Interprofessional Experience

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I attended the UCD School of Nursing interprofessional experience where treatment of domestic violence and substance abuse was addressed on two separate days. The first day of the seminar was very interesting to me because it was my first time learning about the signs of domestic violence. I was in a group that consisted of nursing students, and they were all very curious about my role as a Social Worker. They asked me questions such as, what I am currently doing at my internship and what made me interested in Social Work. I felt very connected with my group because the members were open to listen to me and they considered all my ideas during the exercises. For instance, they agreed with a lot of the things I mentioned during the activities …show more content…
Not only did this experience allow me to practice working in an interprofessional team, it also allowed me to learn new things related to medical Social Work. I wanted to participate in this experience because I had never worked with someone with a history of domestic violence and I have worked very little with someone with substance abuse. I felt that going to these seminars would provide me with more insight on these specific populations and the experience could help me in similar cases in the future. For instance, the domestic violence seminar was very informative and I learned that Social Workers are not mandated reporters when it comes to an adult experiencing domestic violence. I was not aware of how serious domestic violence was until I attended this seminar. It was interesting to learn that people have different perceptions of what domestic violence looks like. For example, someone might not think their partner is exhibiting a type of domestic abuse even though they clearly are. I realized how difficult it is to confirm if someone is in an abusive relationship or that they actually want help. I believe this session will definitely be useful for me in the future if I come across someone in a domestic violence

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