Nursing Informatics And The Health Care Field By The Integration Of Information, Science, And Critical Thinking Skills

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Nursing Informatics
Daniel O’Brien
University of Louisiana Lafayette

Introduction Informatics, and more specifically, nursing informatics, is continuously playing a larger role in patient care. Informatics is the use of technology and science and making it available to continued and wide spread use (McGonigle, Hunter, Sipes,, & Hebda 2014). McGonigle et al. continues to discuss nursing informatics as using this science of technology to enhance patient care, outcomes, and satisfaction. This tool of informatics allows the nurse to store data, trend this data, and extract useful information for the continuity and improvement in care (McGonigle et al., 2014). Informatics aims to improve the overall knowledge of nursing professionals through the integration of information, science, and critical thinking skills (Watts, 2016). Aathi (2014) adds to the definition of nursing informatics by stressing the importance of communicating throughout the health care field by use of informatics. Nursing informatics strengthens the nursing profession by being an available resource for nurses to continue their individual education and supporting lifelong research (Aathi, 2014). The idea behind the theory of informatics is that it provides the healthcare team with the means necessary to communicate patient information in way that all members of the team will have access (Aathi, 2014).
Informatics in Practical Setting There are several areas where one can find…

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