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The Institute of Medicine report (IOM), The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Heath, is a thorough examination of how nurse’s roles, responsibilities, and education should change to meet the needs of an aging, increasingly diverse population and to respond to a complex evolving health care system (Foundation, 2015).It emphasizes on the registered nurse using the full extent of their education, training, competencies, and collaboration with other medical staff to provide higher quality care, decrease errors, and increase safety. (Institution of medicine, 2010).
While reviewing the report, I was focusing on how the report would impact my nursing care. In the first chapter I conquered, Transforming Practice, I noticed strong points
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I found a statement interesting in the report, it stated that there is not a specified number of clinical hours a nursing student has to withhold. In fact, they say student’s clinical hours fail in productive learning due to spending their time on the same task repeatedly. I can understand why this is. As I was as a nursing student, I found it difficult to know my place on the floor, so I would spend my time taking vitals for the nurse’s and checking blood sugars, and completing my own assessments, because I didn’t want to get in the way of the working nurse. The IOM report states that mandating preceptors and acquiring simulation lab to help use clinical hours effectively. During my nursing training, we also had specific dates where we would work with an assigned preceptor. Having a preceptor made it easier to delegate my time and focus on the skills I needed. I also experienced time in a simulation lab that tremendously helped with my critical thinking, and helped me exercise my clinical thought processes. The IOM report reflects these statements. Education will always be ongoing in my career of nursing. Choosing to further my degree from an associates to a baccalaureate degree will provide me with a better understanding and experience for safe care management, improved quality methods, function as a leader, meet expectations for …show more content…
This impacts me as well in my career. Where I work the nurses shift the role as charge nurse. When I’m scheduled as charge I add on the role of leader on my floor, and since I work night shift, this adds extra responsibilities since management is not there. The IOM report helps recognize the importance of communication with collaborating with other healthcare members, managing not only your patient’s needs but all patients on the floor’s specific needs (ex. sitters, patients in restraints, fall risks) making sure appropriate assignments are delegated properly (ex. stroke patients need to be assigned stroke certified nurse, cardiac patients need cardiac certified nurse), and making sure your staff is efficient and competent in their care (ex. being the go-to person for help). This can also impact my future of nursing if I choose to permanently maintain a leadership role. I can learn to speak the language of police and engage in the political process effectively, work cohesively as a profession, and have a voice in health policy decision making (Institution of Medicine, 2010). Nurses who continue their degree in nursing have a lot of opportunity in the field of nursing. Nurses can have the power to make necessary adjustments to nursing practice and see those improvements by goal

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