Nursing Home And The Acute Care Settings Essay

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Identifying the Problem After working in both Nursing Home and the Acute Care Settings, I personally have noticed the big difference in the care of the Alzheimer’s disease patients and the elderly without AD. Caring for Alzheimer`s disease patients is more challenging for both the caregivers and health care providers. It is as stressful for both the patients and caregivers as they try to maintain their cognitive intact and as caregivers strive to make the patients feel as normal as possible. It is cumbersome to reverse or maintain the cognitive abilities. In this paper, will look how physical activities that is exercise if it can help maintain or sharpen the cognitive abilities in the patients with Alzheimer`s disease compared to adults over 60 who are without the disease.
The Setting Acute settings for the AD patients is a setback for them especially if they come from the nursing home where they are used to their usual routine and then it is disrupted. They get more confused and disoriented to their new environment. Mostly, they are placed on observation just to try and calm them down. What is lacking in the acute care settings is the continuity of physical activities in AD patients especially at our hospital. Several researches have been done on how the physical activities have helped the AD patients improve on their cognitive abilities. So this was discussed with the manager if they patients can have more physical activities so that they is…

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