Subjective Health Interview

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Health Interview- Subjective Data
Health Interview is a meeting between a health practitioner and the patient which helps the health practitioner to identify the problems in order to promote health. “The health history is important in beginning to identify the person’s health strengths and problems and as a bridge to the next step in data collection, the physical examination” (Jarvis 2008, p.55). The purpose of nursing health assessment interview to collect information from the client in order to determine all the overall functioning to make professional judgement. A nurse focuses on how a client’s health affects a patient’s daily living. This essay will discuss on how the nurse assessment interview helps to gather information through subjective data, biographical data, family history and past health problems. Subjective data in nursing is part of the health assessment that involves collecting information through communication. The interview is the most important part of data collection. Subjective data is information gathered from the patient itself, what the patient says or describes. The patient can describe as headache, discomfort, pain, itching or coughing. “When a client is having complete, head-to-toe- physical assessment, collection of subjective data usually requires that the nurse take
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Effective communication in the healthcare system can improve outcomes in the healthcare environment. If a nurse does not communicate in a proper and effective manner a good rapport would be established between the nurse and patient. Listen to patient if he or she wants to share something. Give some advice if they need it. A nurse must also act as a teacher in providing information the patient and family. Begin a teacher provides the patient with knowledge about their health and medications. Sometimes the patient will be confused on what to do and so the nurse should teach on what and how to follow on the given

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