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The following is a case study of a female patient; she is 50 years old, married with 2 older children that no longer live at home. She has a 2 bedroom home, a car, her husband works at night and she always had a smile on her face. I had the pleasure of meeting her in February 2016. She was referred to the program because of multiple emergency room visits. According to her chart she had 13 emergency room visits the 6 months prior to joining the Outpatient Care Management program. During our first visit together I asked her, what is your greats need? The answer- I don’t want to die.
As a young adult she was addicted to meth, divorced and living out of state in an abusive relationship. The contact with her children was minimal
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The long term goals live a healthier life so she can stay out of the hospital. To achieve this we discussed many ways to become healthy. Change eating habits, exercise and go to the doctor on a regular basis. As simple as it sounds it’s truly not that simple. Starting out we discussed keeping a food diary so she can track her eating habits. The log would track her portions of food and what food she was eating. I also introduced her to an online diabetic education program called Corrnerstones4care. Exercising wasn’t high on her list; it would just come in time. She suggested that once it’s warmer outside she will start walking around her neighborhood. Scheduling with her primary care provider was difficult. Together we placed a call to her primacy care provider and it turns out they moved and she’s a free floating patient who’s unassigned. This explains her frequent emergency room visits. Any health related question was answered with, go to the emergency room. She successfully scheduled a new patient appointment with a new provider. Due to the communities lack of primary care providers the appointment was scheduled 2 months …show more content…
She’s not ready to die. She wants to see her grand-child grow up. She wants to be healthy. Everything sounded like she was ready to change. She scheduled overdue testing that needed to be done, after educating her on the need of preventative testing. After a couple of days I place a follow up call to check on her food diary, she stopped it after 2 days. She was upset over the food she was eating. It was not as healthy as she once thought it was. We discussed what she did note in her diary and she admitted that she’s a junk food and carb junky. Even worse when she goes to church to help cook dinner she’s eating 2 -3 portions of dinner. The once readiness to change was starting to digress. I attempted to provide encouragement. I advised her that it’s going to take time and nothing is overnight we just need a starting

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