My Perspective About Nursing Career

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My Perspective about Nursing Career
Imagine that you spend a few days in the hospital waiting for one of your family member or a loved one to recover. The only person that you will find taking care of the ones who you care about most of the time is the nurse. Everything began when I was thirteen years old, I found that I was so interested in the health care field as I spent some time in the hospital each time my mom got sick. At first, I had the idea of becoming a cardiovascular doctor because my cousin had heart disease at that time. As I was talking to a few nurses, each time I realized that I like the nurse’s job. A nursing career may be stressful and, I may face many difficulties, but, at the end a job as a nurse will have a lot of rewards.
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Nancy said that “Nursing job is not about the money; you have to truly care about people and want to help them. If you don 't truly care and want to help people, then you will not be happy being a nurse” (No#). I agree with Nancy because the nursing job requires caring about patients, and you should not think about the money, so you don’t do a career that you don’t like. If you did a career that you didn’t like, you may regret it at the end. As you go for 2-years doing the pre- requisites for nursing, then get to nursing school for another two-years, after that you take the NCLEX exam to become licensed, and at the end when you go to work you found that you didn’t like the job. The most important thing to know that this job fits you is that you should at least spend time in the hospital, talk to a few nurses or do research about the career. Otherwise people who want to be a nurse because of the money, may find themselves not liking the job and become to hate the job; as they will only think about the money. It matters to like your job because if you did something every day that you don’t like, you may be careless about it. Nurse Job has a lot of requirements, and it’s hard to get into a nursing school, if you didn’t have a good GPA. To get into nursing school, a person must have a 3.0 GPA in all nursing pre-requisites. However, if a person really wants to achieve their goals, they have to work hard by studying and trying their best to do well in the pre-

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