Nursing Career : A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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In the beginning of her nursing career, Ms. Diane desired to become a midwife to assist mothers in childbirth. Upon completion and graduation from nursing school she received a job working in the neonatal intensive care unti. She was nervous to know she would be working with premature babies and was unsure if she could handle any of them dying. Consequently, when she starting working she kept a positive mind set and inetivately, almost immediately she fell in love with taking care of the babies. Due to the passion Ms. Diane developed for taking care of young children as a teacher, she decided to become a nurse practitioner to specialize in neonatal intensive care. Throughout her practitioner career, she has met many memorable patients that have intensely touched her heart. The following patients left an unremarkable mark in her life. She stated that while working in East Park Ridge hospital, she met a mother whose baby was born at twenty-six weeks with a head bleeding, and was placed on a ventilator due to her undeveloped lungs. The baby was overly young and fragile for doctors to perform brain surgery to cease her head bleeding. Due to the fact that the baby 's head bleed was not ceasing, doctors were forced to transport the baby downtown, to a more and better equipped hospital. When babies are born with a head bleed, doctors can insert a shunt in their little heads to alleviate some of the pressures that the build up of fluids has created; and to prevent the babies from…

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