Nursing Care On A Cardiac Patient Essay

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Nursing is a job of practice that requires patient oriented care in order to fulfill patient recovery. It is important for nurses to understand and comprehend the significant problem in order to provide the necessary care for a patient. Student Ana Castillo, from Wilkes University took care of a cardiac patient during her clinical experience. The student identified the primary problem, provided nursing interventions, and evaluated the patient’s performance. The student provided care that aided in the patients recovery. Keyword: cardiac, patient, nursing, care, case study Nursing Care on a Cardiac Patient Nursing is about providing the priority knowledge and intervention to give patients the optimal recovery. In order to provide care nurses need to study the patient background and identify their major problem. Through assessment of the patient the nurse is able to further evaluate the patient’s diagnosis. Having a consistent diagnosis helps the nurse find ways to treat the patient and arrange interventions. Providing thorough intervention helps promotes the health of the client. The intervention are evaluated to decide whether they benefitted the patient in their path of recovery. Nursing student cared for a cardiac patient with a diagnosis of coronary artery disease. The student fully assessed the patient to provide interventions that best benefited the patient to their recovery.
Patient History The nursing student cared for a 68 year old male patient. The patient…

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