Essay on Nursing Burnout

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Quality Improvement Project
January 2016

Leadership and Management

Executive Summary

Nursing burnout is serious and in order to ensure that nurses are taken care of, the administration must implement incentives and policies that will provide nurses with the resources to maintain a healthy work life balance. Burnout accounts for many of the medication errors and patient injuries in healthcare facilities. Most nurses are overwhelmed because of the caseload and longer workdays necessary to complete charting. Many nurses are also disgruntled because of denied vacation requests that cannot be approved because of non-coverage. Research has shown that when employees are happy then there are less errors and injuries in
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A plan must be developed, goals and objectives must be made, and resistance must be handled as soon as it occurs, appropriate strategies must be developed, and finally the changes must be implemented (Marquis and Huston, 2015). The changes have to be monitored to gather information about the effectiveness and to determine if the employees are using the resources provided for them. The budget analyzer can compare the costs of using temporary staff vs using float RN. Administration and management will need to monitor improvements and setbacks during the entire year. This would have to be done long enough to determine if more money is saved from less errors and injuries or more money spent on the use of temporary staff and staff incentives. Constant feedback must occur for the changes to be successful. It’s important to know what is and what isn’t working. These changes will need a time period of at least a year so that the information can be compared to the previous year. At the end of the each quarter, the representatives, managers, and administration have to meet to discuss how effective the changes are and what needs to be tweaked. At the end of the yearlong trial, this information can be used to determine which changes were beneficial and which were not. Employees should continue to submit or voice their concerns and also be invited to a

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