Nursing Assessment : Spiritual Care Essay

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Spirituality In Nursing Assessment Spiritual care has been foundational in nursing since modern nursing began with Florence Nightingale. Nightingale’s lasting legacy is a composite of her accomplishments and her vision of what can and should be undertaken by the profession. She believed “human beings are not just biological organisms with mental and emotional manifestations, but a multidimensional entity with a body, mind, soul and spirit” (Papathanasiou, Sklavou, & Kourkouta, 2013, p. 4). Spirituality is an important theme, since a spiritual focus can help people to cope with the consequences of a serious disease.
In order to understand how the nurse’s presence can affect health outcomes, it is necessary to appreciate the distinction between spirituality and religion. Although these concepts are different, they are related.
Define Spirituality
Religion can be thought of as the shared experience of spirituality or as values, beliefs, and practices that people adopt to meet spiritual needs through religious affiliation, church attendance, prayer, religious beliefs, and religious practices (Highfield, 2000). Therefore, religious beliefs and practices focus more on the sacred, whereas the focus of spirituality is more on the self (Rumbold, 2003). (Skalla & McCoy, 2006, p. 745)
Describe the Patient/Family An 83-year-old female diagnosed with stage IV Ovarian cancer is the focus of the assessment. She never married and has no children of her own. She…

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