Essay on Nursing Assessment Of A Family

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“Nursing Assessment of a Family”
Families play an important role in determining the health of both individuals and groups within the community. Nurses must understand the importance of including the family when assessing a patient, as one single health issue can have a significant impact on the entirety of the family (McMurray, 2007). The following essay will discuss the principals of a family assessment and its importance within nursing practice. The Australian Family Strengths Nursing Assessment Guide (AFSNAG) will be utilized to assess the Benson family, identifying key issues, as well as the formulation of nursing goals.
The Principals of Family Assessment
The ability for a nurse to undertake a comprehensive family assessment is essential knowledge within the nursing process. It involves the collection of vital health related information, addressing areas such as: physical, social, emotional, spiritual, psychological wellbeing, and functional status of the family (St John & Flowers, 2009). These are the areas the nurse can reflect upon; in order reach desired health outcomes for both clients and their families (Boyd, 2005).
There are a number of different assessment tools utilized by nurses when performing a family assessment. The choice of assessment tool is dependant upon factors, such as the competency of the nurse, intended outcome and personal preference (Barnes & Rowe, 2008). The most common tools include; Australian Family Strengths Nursing Assessment Guide…

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