Nursing : An Overview Of Nursing Essay

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An Overview of Nursing in Canada
Loveleen Parmar
Keyano College

INSERT YO INTRO HERE Taking a glance back into the past, nursing has evolved greatly from the time of Crimean and Civil war where volunteer nurses were just starting to be trained, to the late nineteenth century of the Victorian era where formal education for nursing and employment were becoming more available to women due to a role defining approach (Bramadat & Chalmers, 1989), to today where we have standardized nursing education programs to have competent nurses working in the profession. Due to the demand of effectively trained nurses after war in the late eighteenth century, Florence Nightingale implemented nursing schools, with the first one in 1860 named The St Thomas Hospital School (Bramadat & Chalmers, 1989). There, “Two categories of training were offered: (1) lady probationers paid their own way, received additional training, and were prepared for supervisory positions, and (2) trainees who were supported from the public endowment were prepared for ward work” (Bramadat & Chalmers, 1989, pg.720). Later in 1874, the first lay nursing school was established in St Catherines, Ontario under the supervision of Nightingale trained nurses (Bramadat & Chalmers, 1989). Following the end of World War II, the Weir Report suggested that nursing education should start to be delivered in a general education system rather than in a hospital setting (Bramadat & Chalmers).…

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