Essay about Nursing, 1900 's Vs. Now

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Nursing, 1900’s Vs. Now. If you were to view nursing, how would you view it? It would be viewed as an art. Nursing has been around for a very long time. It had initially began as people taking care of one another when ill stricken. Nursing began becoming recognized as a vocation during the crusades in 1100 to 1200 AD, hospitals had begun to be built for pilgrims needing health care. (DeWitt & O’Neill, 2014, Pg. 1, Para, 2.). Today, nursing has expanded tremendously and nurses are in great demand. You couldn’t necessarily say that way back then though, so what changed and when did things change for nurses worldwide? In the 1900’s it was very hard for women to obtain education and careers. Most of their roles was to be at home and take care of the children, clean, cook and cater to their husbands, well the man went out and worked every day and made the living. Nursing changed that for women, it created a work environment that women could do and created independency. As a nurse in the 1900’s you would be more so known as a housekeep per say. Your goals would be to clean, cook, dust mop, and attending to the bathing of patients. (, A History of Nursing From 1900- Today, n.d.). Today, you could say they keep the hospitals in order. Working right alongside physicians, to meet their patient’s needs. Even men worked in the nursing field, but once women started to come in you slowly saw men disappear from the field, and would obtain higher educations. Then a very…

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