Nurses with Addiction Essay

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Nursing is one of the most stressful careers in healthcare. Long hours of direct patient care take its toll emotionally and physically. While the profession is rewarding for most, the constant stress can become a catalyst for all kinds of self damaging behaviors. The American Nurses' Association estimates between ten and twenty percent of nurses will abuse drugs within the workplace at some point during his/her career (ANA, 2002). This percentage is similar to that of substance abusers within the general population. Due to the ease of access to narcotics on the job, it can be difficult to recognize a problem in the early stages. Only once the nurse’s activities have been suspected due to medication shortage or job performance …show more content…
• Participate in the profession's effort to establish and maintain conditions of employment conducive to high quality nursing care.
• Maintain primary concern for the patient, whether an individual, family, group, or community
Fortunately, there have been no reports thus far of malpractice or injuries with any of the patients under the direct care of these four individuals. Grave circumstances may have occurred if the situation had not been discovered promptly. When serious issues occur, Risk Management must work feverishly to investigate all the patient’s records to determine if any errors occurred regarding their care. Risk Management also has the responsibility of investigating the claims against the nurses to prove or disprove validity. Only after the investigations are concluded can the Risk Management team work to repair the reputation of the hospital and its employees. As a result of this incident, workplace respect, reputation, and ethics have been violated at the expense of drug addiction. Nurses and other healthcare professionals have a responsibility to the patient’s and the workplace to uphold a standard of care that will not jeopardize the position of the hospital, its staff, the patients or the community. When serious issues occur, patients become judgmental of all providers and institutions. The profession and the organization’s reputation have suffered because of this incident. Being a healthcare provider

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