Nurses Should Not Be A Nurse Essay

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Rawsi Williams once wisely said, “To do what nobody else will do, a way that nobody else can do, in spite of what we all go through; that is to be a nurse”. Nursing is one of the most sought after professions, yet one of the most disrespected professions nationwide. Not only is nursing not as respected as it should be, it is also compared to the profession of a doctor even though they are greatly different, yet respectfully similar is several ways. Nurses do what they do because they want to help people just like doctors do. So, why are doctors more respected than nurses? The nursing profession should be more respected than that of a doctor. To begin, the vast majority of people assume that a nurse is solely an assistant to doctors.
Nurses nowadays are the individuals in control of the patient 's’ care, most of the time without a doctor’s order (Chatel). They take the patient’s vitals hourly and they can decide what type of treatments the patient needs (Chatel). Most advanced nurses are also allowed to prescribe medicine (Leng). If a patient is in severe pain, they could prescribe painkillers and administer them to the patient immediately (Leng). “Doctors can examine you and diagnose you. So does your [Nurse Practitioner]”(Leng). Nurses are highly educated enough to recognize and be capable of diagnosing conditions such as emphysema, sleep apnea, and several others.
In addition to the responsibilities of doctors compared to nurses, it is also assumed by several people…

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