Nurses At The Clinica Las Mercedes Caring For Adult Hispanic Diabetic Patients

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For nurses at the Clinica Las Mercedes caring for adult Hispanic diabetic patients does the implementation of the Chronic Care Model (CCM) with Diabetic Self-management Education (DSME) program lead to improved diabetes management and self-care knowledge in eight weeks?
1. Sample The study will be conducted in a major primary care facility, which is chosen based on convenience. All the registered nurses in the hospital’s medical and surgical wards comprise the target population. The study will recruit a sample of nurses from the interest population to enable the evaluation of the efficacy of CCM with DSME in improving diabetes management and self-care knowledge. The inclusion criteria includes male or female, registered as a nurse, and caring for adult Hispanic/Latino diabetic patients in the general medical or surgical wards in Clinica Las Mercedes. Through random sampling, nurses who meet the inclusion criteria will be selected to participate in the study. The nurses are selected because they are the ones who are mainly involved in the provision of care to diabetic patients in the primary health care settings. Based on power analysis using G*Power version 3.1.6 (Grove, Burns, & Gray, 2013), the sample size required for the study, with a significance level of 5% and power of 80%, includes 27 nurses.
2. Comparison The study will employ a pretest-posttest design in which the nurses’ diabetes management and self-care knowledge is assessed at baseline and after eight…

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