Nurses Are Not Good At All, Stress And Its Effects On The Body, And Posture Issues

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Everyday nurses talk to their patients about all of the ways they can modify their lives in order to be healthier and stay out of the hospital. However, nurses are not good at taking their own advice. They are some of the unhealthiest people. Throughout school nurses are trained to give the best care possible to all of their patients, even if that meant no lunch that day. There are so many ways that nurses do not take care of their bodies and some of these may be a shock. I will discuss some of the ways such as not eating healthy or just not eating at all, stress and its effects on the body, and posture issues. All of these issues are important to nursing because patients do not want to take advice from someone that does not look like they take care of themselves.
Stress can cause many issues in the nursing world and this writer would like to discuss not only ways to avoid it but ways to reduce it as well. Nurses also need a few tips on weight management, ways to improve eating habits, and ways to incorporate physical activity into their lifestyles. Lastly nurses rarely learn correct posture techniques. Therefore, they hurt themselves while moving patients or lifting things. Many nurses complain of back pain or neck pain on a daily basis.
There are many concerns that nurses have on a daily basis that make them contemplate continuing practice. In 2011, the top three concerns of nurses were effects of stress and overwork, disabling…

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