Essay about Nurses Approach Policy And Policy Making

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1) A strategy that nurses should employ to grow as leaders and help transform health care is being actively engaged in leadership at all times. Nurses should partner with other health care providers in redesigning and reshaping health care delivery in this country. Nurses need to enter into a partnership with physicians and other health care professionals (Hassmiller, 2014). Nurses need to be responsible for their own part in delivering high quality care. Nurses need to collaborate with leaders from other health professions. Nurses need to see themselves as decisions makers who may influence health care outcomes and never turn down an opportunity to lead. Nurses need to take advantage of opportunities to lead and create leadership opportunities if needs be. Another strategy lies in how nurses approach policy and policy making (Hassmiller, 2014). Nurses need to be part of the cohort that make policy and reshape it to fit the patients’ needs. Therefore, nurses need to have an engaged voice in policy making and health care reform. Therefore, leadership and mentorship are essential in nursing. Teaching nurses how to be effective leaders should be incorporated in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. This will help nurses develop leadership competencies (Hassmiller, 2014). Nurses need to know their areas of expertise in regards to leadership. They also need to take classes that will help them improve their leadership skills to better become prepared for board positions.…

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