Nurses And The National Certification Board Of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

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Pediatric nurses (aka Ped nurses) provide health and medical care for children, from birth all the way through their late teens. Ped. nurses are supposed to provide excellent quality care to the children that are in their care, and to also work with the families of the children they care for; to address their concerns, fears, problems, and options. What all exactly a Pediatric nurse varies depending on their work setting. But a few of the most important tasks according to the National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Nurses (NCBPNP/N) are: act as a child’s advocate...which means to speak out on what would be best for the child’s interests, provide supportive care to dying children, and to identify the changes in a child’s sign and symptoms.
A Ped. Nurse could either spend their days with children or their nights, it truly just depends on the shift they work or probably where they work. Whether they rotate shifts, or what hours their employer selects them to work is as a factor to as to what drives a Pediatric Nurse’s schedule. The options for a Ped Nurse are very numerous if not almost endless.
Ped nurses can work in different locations such as: a doctor’s office, clinics, hospital floor or intensive care units, surgical centers, schools, and private health care places. But they also have specific duties, roles, or jobs depending in the setting which they work. In a doctor’s office a Ped nurse normally takes the vitals of the child, such as his…

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