Nurses Actions On Global Health Essay example

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. Nurses actions on global health can be limited by lack of knowledge about the diseases and the conditions in the global communities, lack of time and financial resources to travel abroad to assist in health promotion activities and lack of influence on the governments in the global communities. The lack of knowledge can be addressed by education. Nursing education should include global diseases and emerging diseases to enhance the understanding of nurses and increase their awareness of the global health as well as transmission of global and emerging diseases. Nurses can address lack of time and resources to travel abroad by providing expertise from their local communities through technology. They can provide education for global communities through the internet and other forms of telecommunication to assist global communities without traveling to the distant locations. One strategy to address the lack of influence of nurses is involvement in advocacy to change policies.
10. Local/Global Caring by Nurses There is a tendency for nurses to become overwhelmed by the information about bad news in impoverished countries. However, nurses can keep track of caring by involvement in professional organization that provides them with opportunities to advocate for the health needs of people in poor countries and to make a difference. Nurses have opportunities to respond to global health issues through organizations such as “the International Council of Nurses and Midwives and Midwives…

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