Nurse, Wounded Soldier And Child Essay

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The painting “Nurse, Wounded Soldier and Child” by, Hatherell, William was painted in 1915 during the period of the First World War. More than 25,000 US women served in Europe during this time. Unlike men, woman at this time where not allowed into combat, however, they were able to serve their country in a more “gender appropriate” way. Women were seen as delicate and unfit for combat. The woman serving in the First World War not only took care of the wounded soldiers but they also supported them, gave them food and catered to their needs. In this time period especially, a woman’s main role was to cook, clean, and to cater to the needs of her husband and child. In result of this thought, they were looked at as of being the caretakers essentially. In this painting we see a dark background with a ruin of buildings, in front is a Red Cross nurse, a wounded soldier, and a young girl. The nurse is lending her arm out to the solider to support him and has her hand on the young girls back to comfort her. The expression on her face is serious yet sad but she seems mentally strong because she continues to hold her head up and care for the two who have been through trauma, disregarding her own pain that she has been though. Through these details the painting by Hatherell depicts woman as, nurturing, mentally strong, and kind. For the most part, women have always been seen as nurturing. Throughout decades woman have taken care of their children as well as catered to the needs of…

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