Nurse Staffing Shortage

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In order to find literature to review pertaining to the issue of staffing shortages for nurse, the SNHU Shapiro Library was used. The databases used for the search included: CINAHL Complete, and MEDLINE and EBSCOhost. The keywords entered were nursing staff shortages. This produced too many articles on nursing staff. To improve the results and the amount of resources found, the keywords understaffing nurses were used, along with the advanced search to search for a boolean/phrase to further limit the articles.The publication dates ranged from 2010 to 2017, and the geographical area limited to the United States. In order for a person to find the best sources, they should read the article titles, looking for some that had to do with shortages …show more content…
This article studied why nurses choose to pick up overtime hours and the how the working conditions related to the necessity for overtime can be detrimental. Although there have been recommendations on nurses work hours per week and days off, it has not been effectively monitored. This article supports the topic because due to the staffing shortages, nurses have been either required to or asked to work long arduous hours. Many nurses pick up shifts as to not let their co-workers down or they need the money. As a possible solution to the staffing shortage, this article demonstrates that overtime is may not be the best solution. (Bae, …show more content…
With such a significant shortage of nurses, nurses worry that their patients are not receiving efficient and quality care. Agencies have tried to figure out solutions to the shortage in order to ensure patient safety. Nurses not only deal with staffing shortages, but also are treated with lack of respect and most have lack of sufficient equipment for patient safety. In order to make changes, nurses can begin within their facilities by developing quality improvement programs, making changes to amount of overtime worked and advocate for the safety of their patients. (Erlen,

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