Essay about Nurse Ratched Is Not A Bad Human Being

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When someone is changed based on the power given to them people often say that he or she isn’t in their senses and that all of their actions are being altered based on their desire for more. This is exactly why I believe that Nurse Ratched in actuality is not a bad human being. In my opinion Nurse Ratched is made to look like an emasculating monster by the ward and McMurphy further proves this opinion when he acts against the very foundation laid down by Nurse Ratched. In reality when rules are laid down, people who do not follow these rules are punished and in certain situations may look like the better person but the truth is that laws and rules are put into place for the benefit of the people. Within the film McMurphy constantly breaks rules and defies any laws put on him so that he can prove a point to the ward. These events lead to multiple showdowns between Nurse Ratched and McMurphy, where it always looks like Nurse Ratched has lost and is a horrible human being but it is actually the opposite. The way Nurse Ratched conducts herself within the film leads me to believe that she is in the place of someone who has been purposely put in a position of power to make sure rules and regulations get followed. In the real world, when rules are not followed and laws are broken, punishments are the method administered to make sure that the person breaking these rules should alter his ways and try to benefit the rest of society. So how come everytime Nurse Ratched lays down the…

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