Essay on Nurse Practitioners : A Nurse Practitioner

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. I have chosen to become a nurse practitioner because this career is a combination of the things that I love to do. Nurse practitioners are registered nurses that are qualified to treat certain medical conditions without the supervision of a doctor. They are considered primary and specialty care providers. I have wanted to be a nurse practitioner for about two years now. I think that this would be the perfect career for me because I would get to help people, interact with others, and basically because the human body is very interesting to me. 3. Nurse practitioners have to be able to perform many different tasks while they are on the job. They have to care for their patients, analyze data, solve problems quickly, and sometimes make critical decisions. The main part of the job is caring for their patients, of course. Nurse practitioners have to diagnose and treat illnesses, develop treatment plans, and perform regular physical examinations. The responsibilities of a nurse practitioner are very similar to those of a doctor. A nurse practitioner is basically the perfect medium between a nurse and a doctor. They are more qualified than nurses to treat patients on their own, but they are not as qualified as doctors are. This career is not for everyone. 10. Nurse practitioners need to have certain personal qualities. They need to be able to communicate well with others. They will be interacting with their coworkers and patients all through their work day. Also, they need to be…

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