Nurse Practitioner Professional Statement

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Professional Statement
Why the Family Nurse Practitioner Program
I chose nursing as a profession because I saw the value of the intimacy of the nurse¬-patient relationship and the ability of the nurse to have a significant impact on a patient’s life. While I have cherished and excelled at inpatient nursing and have loved the connection with my patients and their families, my goal all along has been to advance my education and become a nurse practitioner. As an advanced practice nurse, I would have the ability to provide care for patients in a direct capacity on an acute or long-term basis. I have chosen the MSN Family Nurse Practitioner program because I believe that it allows me the most opportunities and the best preparation to serve patients
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This unit focuses on the holistic care of patients with multi-system, life-threatening illnesses. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the inpatient side of nursing, and feel that this past year and a half has provided me with an invaluable experience caring for patients with a variety of medical illnesses. However, I am ready to advance my career to become a family nurse practitioner. While I feel that I have had an impact on patients with whom I made a connection and ultimately made a major contribution to the success of the patients’ treatment, I have always longed and intended to do more. As a nurse, my happiest moments at the bedside have involved teaching, educational moments interspersed throughout the many tasks of the day, and time spent understanding patients and what was important to them as people. However, as a nurse, I have often felt that I was doing a disservice to my patients and their families by not having more time to spend with them. I have often wished I could do more, spend more time with them and follow their progression after they leave the hospital. My work experience with inpatient nursing has demonstrated to me my readiness to be on the preventative side of patient care, provide consistent care, and overall ensure that all patient populations are cared for in my …show more content…
I am an extremely determined student, that will ensure that I not only meet basic requirements, but go above and beyond to distinguish myself as a successful and focused student. Having overcome educational hurdles in my past, including difficulty as a young child with the challenges of dyslexia, I have always worked extremely hard to ensure success in my studies. These strengths will ensure that I thrive in a challenging and demanding masters degree program. I have a strong desire to learn from the highest caliber of nurse educators and would avail myself to every opportunity and work exceptionally hard in order to succeed in this program. As my undergraduate achievements and my accomplishment in a challenging unit of the hospital have shown, my personal strengths ensure success in a program of this distinction. As for areas of improvement, I am constantly working to ensure balance and time management in my studies and working to improve these skills. Overall, my ultimate goal as a student is to make a difference in the lives of my patients, and therefore I must continually self-evaluate and work to improve in order to do my

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