Nurse Patient Relationship

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Look back Trust is essential element in nurse-patient relationship and it contributes to better quality health care, and patient health care. Developing a trust relationship may be influenced by the degree of which patient are fulfilled rather than nurse piracies. Elaborate During orientation to the Rashid Center for Diabetes and Research (Ajman) I note that the client is entering the room of doctor, educator with happy face and no singe of stress. Also, while training in the center I have noticed that are patient visiting nurses outside their follow up appointments, for social exchange in some times, and to consult them in various topic, unrelated to the treatment process in some cases. This for me indicated …show more content…
Inaddtion, having effective verbal and nonverbal communication is an important part of the nurse-patient interaction. The nurse should Ensuring patient privacy during providing care, to be active listener, maintain eye contact, speaking clearly and slowly in terms that can understand by the patient, patient me need therapeutic touch, such as hand-holding and hugging than others and some patients don't prefer touching, the nurse should respect differences in cultures of the client. At the end the nurse must sure that the patient need is met. All these factors build trust relationship between patient and …show more content…
According to (Jones. S. (2012), (Trojan and Yonge,1993) the develop four stages for trusting relationship, Initial Trusting, Connecting, Negotiating, and Helping this stages could occur all together at the same time . Therefore, as binge trust as first stage of any relationship that result in helping, trust can establish or broke the relationship.
Firstly, Initial Trusting had sub-categories, generalized trust, trust between nurses and patients initial visit. Accepting; the nurse should accept the patient background culture, environment and choices. Respecting; client need respect and the nurse being respecting him. Trust of one's skills; nurse should have trust and self-confidence in their own skills. Secondly, Connecting had sub-categories, getting to know each other; it occur during the time it show nurse and patient interests and knowing each other. Communications; use both verbal and non verbal communication. Assessing; nurse is assessing the patient while he is telling his illness problem. Thirdly, Negotiation stage, subcategories: control and setting goals. The nurse perceived negotiation as "contracting" while the client perceived it as "working together"(Trojan & Yonge, 1993) the nurse and patient work together to sit aim. Finally, helping stage the authors identified growth of the trusting relationship

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